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2008 Q7 4.2 TDI Not starting


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2008 Q7 4.2 TDI
Hello members,

I have a 2008 4.2 V8 tdi which will not start, I had one of the fuel lines across the top of the manifold off as I have been having issues with my swirl flap control arm coming off o the passenger side, so I pulled it all apart swaped the arms and linkage so if it pops off its on the driver side and easy to pop back on, removed the swirl flaps, well one side completely fell out when I took the plastic manifold off, put it all back together, I can't prime the fuel pump with vcds as I can only on and off test it, so I jumped the relay in the engine bay and pumped it for 30 seconds a few times but it still.will not start

Vcds reporting no error codes other then the battery going low before I could get it started so have the battery charger on now topping it up.

Anyone else had this issue?

Kind regards,

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